Anne Sophie De Brancion

Anne-Sophie de Brancion is a Senior Account Manager at public affairs consultancy GPlus. Since joining GPlus in February 2006, Anne-Sophie has been specialising in competition, intellectual property and internal market issues, where she advises multinational clients in the technology, pharmaceutical and financial services sectors. She has gained hands-on media experience managing press relations around one of the most high profile EU competition cases and implementing a high-visibility corporate reputation strategy for a world class company.

Prior to joining GPlus, Anne-Sophie worked for the Enlargement department of the European Commission. There she was a key part of the departments’ communications team, handling most notably its relations with the other institutions including the European Parliament.

Previously, as an EU affairs consultant for a large British chemicals company, she advised on regulatory issues as well as the company’s representation in Brussels. Anne-Sophie has also worked at the EU Institute for Security Studies and at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both in Paris.

Source: [] Anne-Sophie de Brancion's biography on GPlus' website.

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