Antony Vinall

Antony Vinall is an associate at public affairs firm cabinet stewart. Prior to taking the position he worked for eight years Head of Industry and Internal Market at the UK Permanent Representation to the EU (UKREP), where he played a central role in orchestrating the UK's position on several major pieces of legislation.

At GPlus he advises clients on internal market issues as well as on the Council’s processes and procedures.

Previously he spent over 20 years at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), most recently as Director for Motor Vehicles. He occupied several other DTI posts representing the interests of the UK government in the world, including four years at the British Embassy in Washington DC, where he was Minister Counsellor for Trade, and an earlier four-year stint at UKREP as First Secretary for Industry and Competition.

Source: [] Antony Vinall's biography edited and excerpted from GPlus' website.

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