Dr Rolf Waegenbaur

In November 2007 Dr Rolf Waegenbaur, a former director of the European Commission's legal service, joined EU lobbying firm Alber & Geiger. Between working as a director at the Commission, he worked at the German law firm Graf von Westphalen where he worked for 5 years during which time he lobbied for multinationals on the EU tobacco advertising directive.

Source: Public Affairs News December 2007, p.11.

Alber & Geiger was formed in April 2007, using a Washington lobbying law model, founding partner Geiger said: 'We're the first lobbying-focused law firm in Europe and we're following the lobbying law model from Washington.

Source: [http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Alber_%26_Geiger] Sourcewatch entry for Alber & Geiger.

On its website Alber & Geiger claims that "[…] many important political ties were forged from our professionals’ earlier government and parliament experience […]".

Source: [http://www.albergeiger.com/about-us/] Alber & Geiger 'About Us' page on their website.

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