Gregor Kreuzhuber

In September 2006 Gregor Kreuzhuber joined lobbying firm GPlus Europe where he is a partner. Prior to joining GPlus Gregor, an expert in communications, had spent over 10 years in the European Commission as a Spokesperson and political adviser to two different Commissioners. His last post was with current Commission Vice-President in charge of Enterprise and Industry Günter Verheugen. His specific areas of expertise are biotechnology, trade, agriculture, information technology and economic reform.

In the last 10 years he has advised and communicated the European Commission’s position on many of the major pieces of legislation discussed by the EU, including the EU’s new chemicals registration system (REACH), the new legislative framework for the European car industry (CARS21), the Better Regulation initiative, the reform of farm and fisheries policies, the foot-and-mouth crisis and the Doha Development Round. This has given him a unique understanding and insight into how high-level policy making works in the EU.

Gregor joined the team of Commission Vice President Verheugen in November 2004. Prior to this he was the Commission’s Spokesman for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries with Commissioner Franz Fischler. He was at the forefront of communicating the Commission’s handling of the BSE crisis and was part of the EU’s negotiating team at the WTO Summits in Seattle, Doha, Cancun and Geneva.

Nigel Gardener, director and co-founder of GPlus, described Kreuzhuber as a "great catch" for the company: "He has first-rate experience of the Commission and its interaction with the EU press corps. He is a serious player on the EU stage.

Source: Public Affairs News, October 2006, p.9.
[] Gregor Kreuzhuber's biography on GPlus' website.

GPlus has been accused of poaching people at the Commission responsible for implementing the Commission's strategy on communications.

Source: [] Terraviva EUROPE article by David Cronin.

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