Klaus-Heiner Lehne

Klaus-Heiner Lehne MEP supplements his income as an MEP as a partner working for the law firm Taylor Wessing. At Taylor Wessing he is head of the regulatory department advising corporate clients about the future direction of EU legislation. He joined Taylor Wessing in 2003 when he was already an MEP.

The bulk of Taylor Wessing's business appears to be in patent litigation for large companies and has strong relations with patent lobbying organisations. Parts of Lehne's speeches and amendments have come directly from Siemens and UNICE and Siemens' lobbyists are frequent guests in his office.

Lehne has for a long time been responsible for transparency rules in the European Parliament and has actively tried to prevent law firms from being exposed to lobbying transparency legislation.

Source: [http://wiki.ffii.org/KlausHeinerLehneEn] FFII wiki on Klaus-Heiner Lehne

"Law firms that work for corporate clients, for example, would not have to register their activities. This exemption was proposed by Klaus-Heiner Lehne, who supplements his salary as a German MEP by working as a partner in a law firm."

Source: [http://ipsterraviva.net/Europe/article.aspx?id=6066] Article by journalist David Cronin at Terraviva EUROPE dated May 13, 2008.

For details of Lehne's position at Taylor Wessing see Lehne's declaration of financial interests on the European Parliament's website: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/members/public/yourMep/view.do?name=lehne&partNumber=1&language=EN&id=2224

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