Mary Banotti

On November 15, 2007 Mary Banotti joined Health First Europe as its new Honourary President. Her main responsibility is to continue along with other Health First Europe members to facilitate dialogue on the future of healthcare in Europe. Banotti brought 20 years experience working in the European Parliament and for 5 years was a member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Health First Europe is a non-profit organisation which aims to "ensure that equitable access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare is regarded as a vital investment in the future of Europe. We call for truly patient-centred healthcare and believe that every European citizen should benefit from the best medical treatments available." If its sources of funding are considered it begins to look much more like an industry front group:

2006 Funders:
European Union of Private Hospitals - one of its objectives is to "To co-ordinate preparations for the free establishment of independent healthcare facilities in the Common Market, as well as the preparation of the internal market in the field of healthcare."
Euromed - UK supplier of SureStep, a leading brand of rapid diagnostics tests
European Federation of Public Service Employees
EDMA - represents the interests of in vitro diagnostic industry in Europe

2007 Funders:
European Union of Private Hospitals - see above
Euromed - see above
European Federation of Public Service Employees

Source: [] 'About Us' page at Health First Europe's website.

Indeed, Health First Europe's secretariat is operated by the public affairs company Policy Action SPRL []. Policy Action's 'About Us' page reads :"Policy Action's expert public affairs work can help your business to understand US, EU and EU Member State governments, legislative solutions and critical decision-making processes.

Located in Brussels, London, Washington D.C. and Dublin, Policy Action provides a range of services to fit any business need for public policy solutions. The company prides itself in its ability to work with clients to safeguard their business interests and improve their competitive advantage."

Both Health First Europe and Policy Action share the same website icon.

Source [] Policy Action's website.
Source: [] Health First Europe 'About Us' page.

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