Natasha Hurley

Natasha Hurley is a Senior Account Executive at public affairs firm GPlus. Immediately before joining GPlus Natasha was in the Spokesperson’s Service of the European Commission. Working directly with the Spokespersons for Information Society and Media and Communication, she was responsible for drafting editorials and strategy papers and communicated on a daily basis with journalists of different nationalities. At GPlus Natasha mainly deals with competition and environmental policy.

Natasha has previous experience of the financial services sector from her time at Newman & Company, one of the UK’s foremost debt recovery agencies, and leading Paris-based brokerage Exane. Earlier in her career she worked as a freelance translator. Passionate about the interaction between politics and the media, she gained valuable hands-on experience as Political Editor of one of Britain’s most successful student newspapers, the Leeds Student, and has contributed in the past to the European youth magazine Café Babel.

Source: [] Natasha Hurley's biography on GPlus' website.

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