Peter Guilford

In 2000 Peter Guilford was a founding director of GPlus a public affairs agency central to the Brussels public affairs scene. GPlus' offices are so close to the European Commission that when the Commission is cordoned off for visits by EU leaders it is actually inside the police cordon. Prior to founding GPlus Mr Guilford worked as Senior media adviser to EU Commission President Romano Prodi. Previously he had worked as a trade negotiator for the EU Commission, Trade Spokesman for the EU Commission, Competition Spokesman for the EU Commission and Brussels correspondent for The Times of London.

He claims that it is not that important to have a large address book or connections but what is important is the insight he has gained from having worked with these people. He says: "The EU operates under a system you cannot predict unless you've had experience from the inside. It is unstructured, half-built - its ideology and the perimeters of government haven't been decided." In 2000 Guilford and the other founding partner BBC journalist Nigel Gardener judged themselves to be uniquely positioned to guide clients through this 'unstructured' system. In 2006 GPlus was purchased by Omnicom for £8 million. Omnicom is the world's largest advertising agency holding company. In 2007 Omnicom announced its 21st consecutive year of record profits. Omnicom has been in existence for 21 years. In 2007 its annual group revenues totaled $12.7 billion, up 11.6% from 2006.

Source: PR Week Profile (March 16, 2007 edition)
[] Omnicom's financial highlights shown on its website.

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